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There is no doubt that when it comes to jobs, training will always help to get you further in your career path. This applies to anything from writing for a newspaper to cutting hair to doing building renovations. So that is why, if you currently work as a plasterer, you should consider taking a plastering course.  No matter what sort of work you do, the potential of working for bigger and better employers becomes available to you when you have the correct qualifications.  Some people may look at plastering as just simply smearing plaster on a wall, but like many other things in life, there is a correct technique and method.


You need to know how to pick the right material. You need to know how many coats need to be applied, what tools you will apply the plaster with, and how you will produce the finish the client has requested, even if you’re working in an old building. Can you produce a finished product that allows the rest of the decorating to be started?

A Career Move

Perhaps at the moment, you apply plaster with a pump or a sprayer. And perhaps you have decided that in the future, you want to work for a company that not only offers you more opportunity, but better wages as well. Ambition is a beautiful thing, but qualifications are what will land you that high class job.  Plasterer’s are not just labourers, they are skilled craftsman. Skills need to be honed to improve your ability to perform your work correctly.

Signing up for and completing a plastering course can take you from using just a sprayer to being able to produce a smooth, finished coat using just hand tools. It can teach you how to be more safe on the job site, how to start ornamental plastering, and how to use different materials.  And these are the things that will propel you forward in your plastering career.

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